Aditi Thakker

Aditi Thakker(She/Her

Social Worker & Associate

Aditi earned her Bachelor’s Degree in commerce from the Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce in Pune. She received a Gold Medal in her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Pune University. Her area of expertise was Family and Child Welfare.

She has spent the last four years working in the field of Human Rights. She worked as a ‘Training and Awareness Co-ordinator’ at Majlis in Mumbai. Her primary responsibilities included organising, implementing, evaluating, and improving sessions on women’s and children’s legal rights. She has created training modules and led awareness sessions on laws such as POCSO, POSH, DV, and others.

POSH Employee Awareness Sessions
0 +
Acting as an External Member and assisting IC
Facilitating sessions on Protection of Children from Sexual Offences
Inquiries & Concialiations
Awareness session on LGBTQIA+

She also spent three years as a ‘Social Work Fellow’ at the National Law University’s Fair Trial Fellowship (FTF). The fellowship seeks to strengthen the states’ Legal Aid System by providing quality legal representation to those facing criminal charges. She briefly worked at the Yerwada Women’s Prison, providing socio-legal support to those awaiting trial. The majority of her time at FTF has been spent conducting research and analysing data in order to better understand current trends in the criminal justice system.

She is currently employed as an Associate with POSH at Work, an organisation accredited by the Ministry of Women and Child Development of the Government of India. She is most excited about conducting POSH trainings and gaining a deeper understanding of the ground realities of Indian legislation as a member of the Posh at Work team. She is extremely enthusiastic about working in the field of gender and is especially eager to learn about the legal challenges that the Trans Community faces.