Kamlesh Mohod

Kamlesh Mohod(He/Him)

Head – Special Initiatives

Kamlesh is a Special Initiatives Head with PAW, who works directly with leaders in the industry and combines smart thinking and creativity in order to provide exponential growth to our business. He has a proven track record of acquiring, conducting and assist in delivering the project on-time and with quality and integrity.

Kamlesh has a very impressive background, with this higher degree from University of Leeds, UK. He comes with an international experience. He has worked with Multinational companies and has a proven track record in improving company’s market position and achieving financial growth. His strengths lie in identifying business opportunities, taping them and keeping a close watch on our market conditions. He is an excellent communicator and is has marvellous communication skills and astounding with his business and client communications.

In his previous roles, Kamlesh stood out for his excellent strategic management leadership quality. Kamlesh is fond of information about the latest product releases, competitive stats, and creative ways to turn customer conversations into selling opportunities. Kamlesh is a talented, hard-working, and warm co-worker and a joy to collaborate with.

Kamlesh has been applauded for his tremendous ideas and has been always supportive of his colleagues and clients/partners, even when his own workload was overwhelming. Despite being in Leadership role he has always seen his role beyond the JD. He has also conducted workshops in educational field for the institutions/ organisations which was an added interest to his role in the organization. He is a well-connected professional who always takes the time to support anyone in his network.
He has travelled extensively around the world and is an avid reader. This passion of his makes him very approachable and easily connect with people. He practices signature analysis; he is also an Education Evangelist. Hailing from medicine background from GS Medical College and KEM Hospital Mumbai, one of the top-ranking medical institutes in India, he has studied Ergonomics and is certified seat designing specialist by ROHO Group, USA, and has practiced his passion with Otto Bock Healthcare, a German MNC.


11+ Years


Sales & Business Development, Customers Relationship & Retention, Public Speaking, Ergonomics


I am avid reader and a Freak Traveller