Pallavi Poshwal

Pallavi Poswal(She/Her)

Associate, Psychologist, Cisgender Heterosexual Ally

Pallavi Poswal completed her Bachelors in Arts with Psychology Honours in 2003 from Panjab University and her Masters in Psychology in 2005 from the same university. She majored in Child Psychology & Counseling. In the past, she has worked with Physiotherapists and Speech therapists to help differently abled children with borderline learning abilities to train them so that they are able to carry out their daily routine & basic activities independently. Her rich background of working with children enables her to be sensitive and understand delicate scenarios with great ease. It enables her to have the skill of understanding psyche and the finer nuances related to human behavior. She also has first-hand experience in diverse industries including corporates (HR), business development, client relationship management & operations, logistics, hospitality, music (artist & band management), performing arts (television, short films, theatre), modelling, post-production (translation & dubbing) which enables her to understand the dynamics at play in different industry verticals.

At POSH at Work, she conducts sessions to create employee awareness and to train managers about their roles and responsibilities in the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment at workplace. She is also working as an external member and has supported various organizations with conciliations / inquiries. She has conducted and been part of:

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She has also taken the initiative to conduct research on domestic violence during the pandemic as well as definition of work from home and how that aligns with POSH Law. She has also worked on researching and developing content in order to create modules that would help various organizations in their pursuit of prevention, redressal and prohibition of sexual harassment.

As a psychologist, while she is sensitive and objective in her approach of handling complaints of sexual harassment, as part of POSH at Work, she is also able to apply the legal knowledge and skills to handle complaints of this nature as per requirements of law. She keeps herself regularly updated on case laws from various Indian courts, news, scenarios and other updates on this law to be able to deal with challenges effectively.