Rasheeda Kapoor

Rasheeda Kapoor(She/Her)

Head – Client Experience

Rasheeda is our Client Experience Specialist. She has more than 22 years of diverse work experience ranging from industries such as Hospitality, Fragrance, EAP services to now POSH at Work. She has been expertly handling varied client requirements for two decades. She has spearheaded the customer relation vertical for many organizations. She has a unique ability to engage and stay connected with people and understand their requirements. She brings in this skill and more to POSH at Work to ensure that the experience of our Partners and the association is smooth. She also plays a key role in keeping the various verticals at POSH at Work connected.

In her current role, she works with 150+ Clients & Partners, ranging from IT, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Film Production to Manufacturing units. Her experience in Client Engagement and their requirements have equipped her to handle resolutions quickly and ensure a quick turn around time. Her role is an ever evolving one as each day brings in new challenges and requirements.

She is an “energy powerhouse” of the Firm. Her confidence reflects clearly in her work. She is also an avid reader and brings in several of her learning to the Firm.


22 Years


Client Engagement, Account Management, Team Work, Interpersonal Skills & Communication


Reading, Gardening, Welfare of Animals